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Jul-Sep 2021

Watch Out for These Legal Risks: Liability Concerns following COVID

Jolley, Nicole M.

Take care not to let your guard down too soon.

Apr-Jun 2021

How Will the New Stimulus Act Affect You?

Steinberg, Andrew L.

Many nonprofits are still struggling with financial problems due to COVID-19. This new law is designed to help.

Apr-Jun 2021

What Can You Do about a Bounced Donation Check?

Kramer, Don

What are your options if a donor's check is returned for nonpayment?

Jul-Sep 2020

IRS Proposes UBIT "Silo" Rules for Nonprofits

Ziffer, Yossi & Chris Moran

Proposed rules aim to make things easier for you if your organization owns businesses or certain investments.

Apr-Jun 2020

How Can You Present IRS Information to Best Advantage?

Kramer, Don

Don't forget the public-relations impact of your IRS documents.

Jan-Mar 2020

Are Your Special Events in Compliance?

Wooten, Tommy and Marilyn Young

Fundraising events can give rise to complex tax problems. These suggestions will help.

Jan-Mar 2020

Is Gift for Earmarked Computer Deductible?

Kramer, Don

How should a donor's gift to his partner be treated?

Jul-Sep 2019

Parking: The New Tax on the Block

Lincoln, Sharon C.

If your organization provides parking, you need to know about this new tax.

Apr-Jun 2019

New Excise Tax: How Will It Impact Nonprofits?

Muehrcke, Jill

An expert clears away the confusion over this new tax.

Jan-Mar 2019

What's Your Copyright IQ?

Gonzalez, Andrew A.

An unintentional mistake on your website and you could be sued out of existence. Be sure you avoid the dangers.

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