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Mar-Apr 2007  Nonprofit Boards Face Potential Salary Disclosure* Korenek, Jill E. 
Jul-Aug 2007  Closing Down a Charity Kramer, Don 
Sep-Oct 2007  How Quickly Can You Receive Tax-Exempt Status? Kramer, Don 
Sep-Oct 2007  Valuing In-Kind Gifts* Temkin, Terrie 
Sep-Oct 2007  Workplace Identity Theft: Curing the Latest HR Headache Hottie, Douglas 
Nov-Dec 2007  How Large a Grant Can you Receive? Kramer, Don 
Nov-Dec 2007  Six Ways to Cut Risk and Comply with the Law Cameron, Jennifer 
Nov-Dec 2007  Four Myths about Attorney-Client Privilege* Friedman Griesing, Francine 
Jan-Feb 2006  "Don't Call Us" - Telemarketing Regulations Reach Out to Nonprofits* Lopatkiewicz, Stefan 
Mar-Apr 2006  Government Crackdown on Nonprofits: What You Need to Know* Tesdahl, Ben et al. 

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