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Nov-Dec 2009

Do You Need to Register before Raising Funds?

Peterson, Eric

Be sure you understand the rules for soliciting gifts.

Jan-Feb 2008

Risk Management: How to Protect Your Assets

Kathryn Duncan, Nora

Your organization's assets include far more than property. Don't put them at risk.

Jan-Feb 2008

Can You Influence Laws to Benefit Your Organization?

Showalter, Amy

The answer is a resounding yes if you take a page from the advocacy of one Denver hospital.

Mar-Apr 2008

Can Property-Use Donors Claim Deductions?

Kramer, Don

If a family lends out their home for a nonprofit retreat, can they claim a deduction?

Mar-Apr 2008

Where to Find Free Legal Assistance*

O'Connor, Allyn M.

Use these practical tips to get legal help at no charge.

Mar-Apr 2008

Making Real Estate Work for Nonprofits

Gentilucci, Richard

Take these steps to reap the rewards of real-estate development.

Jul-Aug 2008

Can You Be Paid in Lieu of Pension?

Temkin, Terrie

If it?s time to retire and you don?t have a pension plan, can your organization compensate you in some other way to ease your "golden years"?

Jul-Aug 2008

Got Bylaws?

Sollenberger, Henry

Have a set of well-thought-out bylaws is the best way to protect your organization in case of internal conflicts.

Sep-Oct 2008

One Foundation's Legal Battle: A Cautionary Tale for All Nonprofits*

Woodruff, Joseph

As absorbing as a mystery story and full of lessons for every nonprofit, this saga includes heroes and villains, plot twists, and an ending in which justice prevails. Here's a birds-eye view from a lawyer involved in the case.

Nov-Dec 2008

Retirement Plan Changes: Don't Be a Day Late and Thousands of Dollars Short*

Unser, Rick

The new law goes into effect January 1. Be sure you're in compliance.

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