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Mar-Apr 2010

When Can You Use Restricted Funds for Other Purposes?

Kramer, Don

Can a nonprofit borrow from "designated funds" to pay other bills?

Mar-Apr 2010

New IRS Employment Tax Initiative: What Does It Mean for Nonprofits?

Lubar, Jessica R.

Be sure you're adhering to the law when it comes to paying employment taxes.

Mar-Apr 2010

How to Manage Unemployment Claims

Zhang, Fan, & Brian H. Kleiner

Cut costs and reduce liability with these steps

May-Jun 2010

Restructuring Contracts in Stressful Times

Trentacosta, John R.

Can redoing your contracts provide shelter from the economic storm?

Jul-Aug 2010

The Art of Employee Discipline: How to Retain Control and Increase Production

Lavenant, Michael S.

Proper discipline will improve employees' satisfaction, boost performance, and shield you from expensive lawsuits. Here's how to gain the right balance.

Sep-Oct 2010

Executive Compensation Is Under Scrutiny

English, Tom

Recent government talk about compensation sounds a warning for nonprofits.

Nov-Dec 2010

Legal Advice on Using the New Media

Hailey, Gary D. & Mikhia E. Hawkins

New rules give guidance on how to avoid liability when using social media and other new technologies.

Jan-Feb 2009

Navigating Tough Conflict of Interest Situations

Coates Madsen, Amy

Conflicts of interest are inevitable. Don't let them derail your organization.

Mar-Apr 2009

Are You Risking a Negligent-Retention Lawsuit?

Klaassen, Michael & Brian H. Kleiner

Hiring with care isn't enough. You also have to retain with care.

Jul-Aug 2009

Are You Ready for This Year's New 403(b) Regs?

Wechsler, Barry

Many nonprofits lack the accounting records they need. But there's still time to prepare.

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