Nonprofit Careers: FAQ

Do you have a question about how NonprofitCareers.Org works? Please check out the following list of 'Frequently Asked Questions'.

Q: How Much Does NonprofitCareers.Org Cost?
A: NonprofitCareers.Org is 100% free for job seekers. Registration (no charge) is only required for those who wish to view contact information and apply for jobs. A number of free job postings are available for members of the Society for Nonprofit Organizations. All others receive one free posting, and may post additional jobs for just $50 per listing.

Q: How Long Do Listings Appear?
A: Jobs that are listed on NonprofitCareers.Org appear for 90 days. However, positions may be removed at an earlier date if requested by an employer.

Q: How Do I Apply For A Job?
A: Some employers allow you to contact them via e-mail. These jobs will have a link at the bottom that says 'Apply Now'. Just click on that link, copy and paste a text version of your resume, and press 'Submit' to send it to that employer. Other employers prefer other means of contact. Please make sure to read any details listed under 'How To Apply'.

Q: I Haven't Heard Back From An Employer, But I'm Perfect For The Job. What Should I Do?
A: Please understand that many employers receive hundreds (if not thousands) of resumes every day. Be patient. If you're a good fit for the job, they will contact you. Unfortunately, NonprofitCareers.Org cannot be responsible for providing assistance with following up on any opportunities. If you're convinced that you've been overlooked, you may try contacting the employer via one of their alternate contact methods.

Q: I've Registered As An Employer. How Do I Post My Job
A: To post a job, login and visit (or click on 'Post Jobs'). This will take you to the 'Account Management' page. From this page, you can purchase posting credits and post your job.

Q: What Are 'Credits'? How Do They Work?
A: 'Credits' allow you to purchase more than one job posting at a time. By anticipating your future needs, you can save money by 'buying in bulk'. Credits may be used at any time, for up to a year after their purchase.

Q: My Question Isn't Answered Here. What Do I Do?
A: If you have a question that isn't addressed here, please visit our 'Feedback' page, and submit this question to us via e-mail. You may also reach us by phone at 734-451-3582.

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