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Law and Taxation

Recent Articles
    Parking: The New Tax on the Block - Author: Lincoln, Sharon C., Vol 37, 2019
    New Excise Tax: How Will It Impact Nonprofits? - Author: Muehrcke, Jill, Vol 37, 2019
    What's Your Copyright IQ? - Author: Gonzalez, Andrew A., Vol 37, 2019
    What You Need to Know when You Can't Pay Your Taxes - Author: Muehrcke, Jill, Vol 36, 2018
    Property Donations: How to Eliminate Liability & Gain a Steady Income - Author: West, Steve, Vol 36, 2018
    Do Your Board Members Understand Their IRS Obligations? Form 990 & the Intermediate Sanctions Act - Author: Fram, Eugene, Vol 36, 2018
    Triggering Minimum Wage and Overtime with the Swipe of a Credit Card - Author: Lambrou Johnson, Christine, Vol 36, 2018
    Can You Lobby for a Cause You Believe In? - Author: Kramer, Don, Vol 36, 2018
    Is Your Nonprofit Compliant with State Registration & Audit Rules? - Author: Sharpstone, Lewis, Vol 36, 2018
    The Path to Avoiding State Unemployment Tax - Author: Gow Jr., James & Ron Lucki, Vol 35, 2017

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