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Nonprofit World: Editorial Calendar

January-March 2019

  • Be a Better Leader by Being a Careful Listener
  • Ten Bad Habits You Should Ban from Your Workplace
  • Coach! The Skill Every Leader Needs
  • Put Your Data to Good Use
  • Are You Creating a Culture of Unwanted Employees?
  • The Biggest Audit Mistakes Nonprofits Make Ė & How to Avoid Them
  • Save Money with a Strategic Approach to Ink, Toner, & Printers
  • How Can You Keep Your Donors from Leaving?
  • How Should You Treat Gifts to Team Members?
  • How to Add an Emotional Hook to Your Fundraising Letters
  • Sneaky and Insightful Board Room Questions
  • Whatís Your Copyright IQ?
  • Hacking People: Why Your Biggest Vulnerability Isn't in Your IT Department
  • Make More Money: Evaluate Gifts in Advance
  • New Volunteers Are Closer than You Think
  • Doing Board Committees Right
  • Explore the Mystery of Yourself

April-June 2019 [36th Anniversary Issue]

  • Donít Go it Alone in a Crisis
  • The Best Leaders Are Servant Communicators
  • Unleash the True Power of Conversation
  • What Type of Language Professional Do You Need?
  • Tapping into the Next Generation: Pitfalls & Best Practices for Engaging Millennials
  • Productive Employees: Two Crucial Ingredients
  • Preventing Embezzlement in Your Organization
  • Nonprofit Boards & the Future of Technology
  • Term Limits Ė Yes or No?
  • Revitalize Your Thank-You Letter with a Good Story
  • Secrets to Creating a Board that Makes Cash Gifts
  • When Funding Windfalls Cause Technology Problems
  • Volunteer Vectors: Pictures, Pictures, Pictures
  • Letís Stop Shouting at Each Other & Start Talking
  • Take-to-Worl Tips on Mindfulness
  • Five Ways to Show Appreciation
  • Rethinking Negotiation

July-September 2019

  • Diverse Workgroups Spur Positive Change
  • Better Delegation = Better Leadership
  • What Has Changed about Marketing?
  • Handling Difficult Calls: Master Moves for Telephone Ninjas
  • Why You Absolutely Must Train Millennials
  • Extraordinary Impact on an Ordinary Budget: Itís Possible with These Tactics
  • Term Limits an Issue for Board Chairs, Too
  • This Is How It Feels when You Donít Acknowledge a Donor
  • From Bored to Blazing: Fire Up Your Board
  • Cloud Returns More to the Cause
  • To Be an Ingenious Leader, Take Charge of Your Learning
  • Trust: The Reason Screening Volunteers Is More Vital than Ever
  • Intuitive Decision-Making
  • Prepare for Coming Trends
  • Does Motivating People Work?

October-December 2019

  • Assess Your Work Style for Better Communication
  • Two Simple but Important Metrics Your Nonprofit Needs to Measure
  • Bring Your Training Home
  • Hiring a Consultant? How to Be a Savvy Consumer
  • Yes, Good Manners Count Ė A Lot
  • Do You Have the Key Traits of a VUCA-Proof Leader?
  • Anatomy of a Bestseller: Case Study of a Wildly Successful Nonprofit Business
  • Is a Raffle a Good Bet?
  • Whatís the Right Length for a Direct-Mail Letter?
  • Are You Making These Mistakes in Your Fundraising Letters?
  • Harness the Power of Termed-Out Board Members
  • How to Prevent Online Credit-Card Fraud
  • Start With Passion, But Donít Stop
  • The Limitations of Seeing Volunteers Only as Unpaid Staff


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