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Nonprofit World: Editorial Calendar

January-March 2018

  • Mitigate Cyber Risks with the Right Security Controls
  • How to Use Gossip as a Productivity Tool
  • PSAs Are Not “Announcements”
  • Let’s Take the Mystery Out of Training Millennials
  • Why Clutter Hurts Your Leadership & What You Can Do About It
  • A Path to Stronger Programs, Greater Engagement,and Less Burnout?
  • Do You Need a Translator? Make Sure People Understand Your Message
  • Rest Your Weary Fingers — Voice Activation
  • How Many Donors Can You Expect to Renew Their Gifts?
  • Can You Change Bank Signatories?
  • The Perfect Gift for a Major Donor
  • Three Vital Questions for Your Board
  • Building the Best-in-Class Tech Suite for Your Organization
  • Making Much of Little: Turning Untapped Assets into Gold
  • Maintaining a Teenage Volunteer Network

April-June 2018 [35th Anniversary Issue]

  • For Our 35th Anniversary,35 Ways to Enhance Your Organization
  • The Real Impact of Your Leadership
  • Avoid the Selfish Factor: Plan for Succession with 4 Simple Rules
  • Is Your Coworker a Jerk, or Does He Need a Doctor?
  • Creating a Culture of Productivity
  • Embrace Mindfulness as a Leadership Practice
  • Can You Lobby for a Cause You Believe In?
  • Should You Ask Donors for an Exact Amount?
  • What Are the Three Most Boring Words in Fundraising Appeals?
  • Exit Interviews: When Board Members Say Good-bye
  • E-Mail Mistakes that Could Be Damaging Your Fundraising Efforts
  • How to Solve the Biggest Problem with Corporate Giving
  • Triggering Minimum Wage & Overtime with the Swipe of a Credit Card
  • Inside Out: A Fresh Perspective on Finding Volunteers

July-September 2018

  • Accomplish More by Climbing the Productivity Pyramid
  • Reimagining Your Hiring Practices: A Self-Assessment
  • Nine Surefire Steps to Lock Down Your Cybersecurity
  • Good Leaders Ask Dumb Questions
  • Should Chief Happiness Officer Be One of Your Titles?
  • Purchasing Insurance: Don’t Do It Again Until You’ve Read This
  • What’s the Best Way to Avoid Financial Misuse?
  • May Board Member Be Present by Telephone?
  • Are We Misleading Our Donors?
  • What to Do When Your Potential Donor Says “No”
  • Twelve Ways to Liven Up Your Board Meetings – And Your Board
  • Do Your Board Members Understand Their IRS Obligations?
  • Take Volunteer Software Seriously
  • Make Your Event Sponsorships Stick without Backbreaking Labor
  • The Volunteer Leader as a Facilitator of Change

October-December 2018

  • Help Your Employees Soar: PILOT Them to Higher Levels
  • When It Comes to Time Management, It’s All about Energy
  • Newsletter Strategies that Will Open Donors’ Hearts and Wallets
  • Exposing the Beast: Seven Deadly Wastes in Nonprofits
  • Your Best Publicity Asset? Your Staff
  • What You Need to Know when You Can’t Pay Your Taxes
  • Why Focus on Bequests? The Facts Tell the Story
  • What Should You Call a Transgender Person in Your Documents?
  • What’s the “Right” Amount of Communication with Donors?
  • How to Ask When (You Believe) It’s Too Soon to Ask
  • How to Run the Perfect Board Meeting
  • Streamline Your Organization with Online Forms
  • Not a “Someday” Dream: The Steps to Sustainable Income


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