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    Resource Development - Learn the fundamentals of fundraising and resource development with Jimmie Alford.

Recent Articles
    Two Simple but Important Metrics Your Nonprofit Needs to Measure - Author: Shefska, Zach, Vol 37, 2019
    Are You Making These Mistakes in Your Fundraising Letters? - Author: Perry, Gail, Vol 37, 2019
    What's the Right Length for a Direct-Mail Letter? - Author: Warwick, Mal, Vol 37, 2019
    Is a Raffle a Good Bet? - Author: Kramer, Don, Vol 37, 2019
    Ready, Set . - Author: Weisman, Carol, Vol 37, 2019
    This Is How It Feels when You Don't Acknowledge a Donor - Author: Shefska, Zach, Vol 37, 2019
    Revitalize Your Thank-You Letter with a Good Story - Author: Chase Lockshin, Vanessa, Vol 37, 2019
    How to Add an Emotional Hook to Your Fundraising Letters: What to Do and What Not to Do - Author: Perry, Gail, Vol 37, 2019
    How Can You Keep Your Donors from Leaving? - Author: Smith, Gary C., Vol 37, 2019
    How Should You Treat Gifts to Team Members? - Author: Kramer, Don, Vol 37, 2019

    Funding Alert - Monthly e-newsletter with current funding opportunities, sorted by category. Includes a 4 year archive of past issues.
    Links - Hand picked and annotated guide to related web sites.
    Fundraising Guide - Step-by-step guide to raising and earning new funds. Adapted from "Are You Sitting On A Gold Mine?".

Fundraising Guide
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