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Jan-Feb 2011  Use Background Checks to Avoid Legal Pitfalls* Hauswirth, William F. 
Mar-Apr 2011  When Companies Donate Property to Auctions Kramer, Don 
Mar-Apr 2011  Who Pays Your Bills? What Nonprofits Need to Know about the Foreign Agents Registration Act Wilson, D.E., Jr., and Andrew E. Bigart 
May-Jun 2011  Must You Divulge Your List? Kramer, Don 
Jul-Aug 2011  Can You Modify Restrictions on Charitable Funds? Drozdowski, Harry W. 
Sep-Oct 2011  Accommodating Employees with Cancer: It's the Law Kam, King and Brian H. Kleiner 
Nov-Dec 2011  Should You Let Members See Personnel Documents Temkin, Terrie 
Jan-Feb 2010  New Internal Control Guidance: What You Need to Know Now* Turpen, Richard A. 
Mar-Apr 2010  When Can You Use Restricted Funds for Other Purposes? Kramer, Don 
Mar-Apr 2010  New IRS Employment Tax Initiative: What Does It Mean for Nonprofits? Lubar, Jessica R. 

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