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May-Jun 2013

Peeking Inside the Electoral Toolbox: How Nonprofits Shape Election Results

Brown, Heath

What impact did nonprofits have on the Presidential election? Survey results supply some intriguing answers.

Jul-Aug 2013

Simple Lessons to Preserve Your Brand*

Partridge, Mark

Don't lose the trademark on your organization's name and logo. A recent lawsuit highlights crucual lessons.

Sep-Oct 2013

Don't Skip the Boring Part: Nonprofits Can't Afford to Ignore HR Issues

Craigie, Alex & Ranlyn Tilley Hill

How can your organization avoid costly lawsuits? Here's invaluable advice from the experts.

Nov-Dec 2013

The Neighborhood Just Got Bigger: Protecting Trademarks in the Expanded Internet

Partridge, Mark

New domain names are opening an Internet "land rush." Is your organization ready?

Jul-Aug 2012

How to Write Effective Anti-Bias Policies

Fahrenhorst, Robert and Brian H. Kleiner

Good policies can keep you from being sued.

Jan-Feb 2012

Deduction for Paying Charity Bills?

Kramer, Don

Can the president of a nonprofit deduct bills paid?

Mar-Apr 2012

Must You Report Stolen Funds?

Kramer, Don

Does the board have an obligation to report it to the police if the funds are returned?

May-Jun 2012

New Rules for Accountability*

Barsky, Noah and Frank Grippo

Insure your organization's reputation by following these rules.

May-Jun 2012

Use the IRS's Work Plan to Avoid Unpleasant Surprises*

Moreland, Bob

Here's what the IRS is concentrating on this year. Make sure you're compliant in these areas.

Jul-Aug 2012

Political Activity: A Primer for Nonprofits

Hofmann, Mary Ann

What kind of politicking can you do, and what's not allowed? Here's a helpful summary.

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