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Nonprofit World Articles: Law & Taxation

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May-Jun 2003  Don't Be Sued for Negligent Hiring Kleiner, Brian et al. 
Jul-Aug 2003  Boards Must Change the Way They Do Business Snyder, Gary 
Nov-Dec 2003  How to Avoid Retaliation Claims Kleiner, Brian & Solano, Frank 
Jan-Feb 2002  Is Your Organization Lawsuit-Proof? Kleiner, Brian et al. 
Sep-Oct 2002  How to Hire the Best People without Breaking the Law Phan, Huong & Brian Kleiner 
Nov-Dec 2002  Hire the Best, But Hire with Care* Kleiner, Brian et al. 
Jan-Feb 2001  Most Likely Lawsuits--and How to Protect Yourself Doyle, Tanya & Brian Kleiner 
Mar-Apr 2001  Is Your Retirement Plan Engaging in High-Risk Behavior? Field, Karen 
May-Jun 2001  Expectations for NP Boards Are Changing Fram, Eugene & Elaine Spaull 
May-Jun 2001  Your Duty to Investigate Workplace Complaints* Kleiner, Brian & Heidi Van Vla 

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