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Nonprofit World Articles: Law & Taxation

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Jan-Feb 2006  "Don't Call Us" - Telemarketing Regulations Reach Out to Nonprofits* Lopatkiewicz, Stefan 
Mar-Apr 2006  Government Crackdown on Nonprofits: What You Need to Know* Tesdahl, Ben et al. 
Jul-Aug 2006  Do You Think "Sex" When You Hear "Harassment"? Myers, John 
Sep-Oct 2006  How to Write Excellent Human Resource Policies Kleiner, Brian & J Ellerman 
Nov-Dec 2006  How to Conduct Discipline Interviews Sroypetch, Nion & Brian Kleiner 
Jan-Feb 2005  How to Assess Credibility in Workplace Investigations Kleiner, Brian et al. 
Mar-Apr 2005  When It's Time to Say Good-by: How to Discharge Workers without Legal Hassles* Kleiner, Brian & R. Taratanavat 
May-Jun 2005  Changes in Charitable Giving May be Imminent English, Tom 
Jul-Aug 2005  Why You Should Consider Trademark Protection Visser, Michelle 
Sep-Oct 2005  Executive Compensation: Rewarding Excellence & Ensuring Governance* Zingheim, Schuster, & Thomsen 

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