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Jul-Aug 2005  Why You Should Consider Trademark Protection Visser, Michelle 
Sep-Oct 2005  Executive Compensation: Rewarding Excellence & Ensuring Governance* Zingheim, Schuster, & Thomsen 
Nov-Dec 2005  Holding Conferences in the Face of Terror & Natural Disasters* Tesdahl, Ben & Maria Spindel 
Jan-Feb 2004  Attorneys & Nonprofit Consultants: Keep Their Communications Confidential* Pacini, Carl & W Ritchie 
Jul-Aug 2004  Prelude to Change: How the DMCA Affects Fundraising Austin, Richard L. 
Sep-Oct 2004  The Need for Anti-Bias Policies: New Developments Kleiner, Brian & Sze Min Quak 
Jan-Feb 2003  Do You Have a Gay-Friendly Organization?* Kleiner, Brian & NC Hirata 
Mar-Apr 2003  How to Hire the Right Person the First Time* Kleiner et al 
May-Jun 2003  Must You Inform IRS of Bylaw Changes?* Mourning, Paul 
May-Jun 2003  Don't Be Sued for Negligent Hiring Kleiner, Brian et al. 

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