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Mar-Apr 2009  Are You Risking a Negligent-Retention Lawsuit? Klaassen, Michael & Brian H. Kleiner 
Jul-Aug 2009  Are You Ready for This Year's New 403(b) Regs? Wechsler, Barry 
Nov-Dec 2009  Do You Need to Register before Raising Funds? Peterson, Eric 
Jan-Feb 2008  Risk Management: How to Protect Your Assets Kathryn Duncan, Nora 
Jan-Feb 2008  Can You Influence Laws to Benefit Your Organization? Showalter, Amy 
Mar-Apr 2008  Can Property-Use Donors Claim Deductions? Kramer, Don 
Mar-Apr 2008  Where to Find Free Legal Assistance* O'Connor, Allyn M. 
Mar-Apr 2008  Making Real Estate Work for Nonprofits Gentilucci, Richard 
Jul-Aug 2008  Can You Be Paid in Lieu of Pension? Temkin, Terrie 
Jul-Aug 2008  Got Bylaws? Sollenberger, Henry 

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