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Sep-Oct 2012

What You Need to Know about Sexual Harassment

Kleiner, Kendrick

Understanding sexual harassment is crucial to assure a productive workplace and avoid lawsuits.

Nov-Dec 2012

Know the Risks Before You Head to the Cloud*

Zottola, A.J.

A Primer on Cloud Computing for Nonprofits

Jan-Feb 2011

Use Background Checks to Avoid Legal Pitfalls*

Hauswirth, William F.

Are you screening your volunteers and paid staff to avoid problem workers? If not, you may be risking your organization's future.

Mar-Apr 2011

When Companies Donate Property to Auctions

Kramer, Don

What deductions can corporations claim when giving products to a charity auction?

Mar-Apr 2011

Who Pays Your Bills? What Nonprofits Need to Know about the Foreign Agents Registration Act

Wilson, D.E., Jr., and Andrew E. Bigart

Be sure you're not risking fines and jail time.

May-Jun 2011

Must You Divulge Your List?

Kramer, Don

Are you required to provide your membership list on request?

Jul-Aug 2011

Can You Modify Restrictions on Charitable Funds?

Drozdowski, Harry W.

Must you always use restricted funds as donors prescribe? A new law gives you more flexibility.

Sep-Oct 2011

Accommodating Employees with Cancer: It's the Law

Kam, King and Brian H. Kleiner

Millions of workers are cancer survivors. It's vital to understand their needs and avoid discriminating against them.

Nov-Dec 2011

Should You Let Members See Personnel Documents

Temkin, Terrie

Is this a case of too much transparency?

Jan-Feb 2010

New Internal Control Guidance: What You Need to Know Now*

Turpen, Richard A.

Be sure you're addressing these important audit requirements.

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