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Apr-Jun 2019

New Excise Tax: How Will It Impact Nonprofits?

Muehrcke, Jill

An expert clears away the confusion over this new tax.

Jan-Mar 2019

What's Your Copyright IQ?

Gonzalez, Andrew A.

An unintentional mistake on your website and you could be sued out of existence. Be sure you avoid the dangers.

Oct-Dec 2018

What You Need to Know when You Can't Pay Your Taxes

Muehrcke, Jill

Unable to pay your tax bill? Don't despair. Knowing what to expect will make the situation easier.

Oct-Dec 2018

Property Donations: How to Eliminate Liability & Gain a Steady Income

West, Steve

Be sure your board and donors are aware of this little-known opportunity.

Jul-Sep 2018

Do Your Board Members Understand Their IRS Obligations? Form 990 & the Intermediate Sanctions Act

Fram, Eugene

Far too many board members don't even realize these responsibilities exist. This lack of knowledge can have harsh consequences.

Apr-Jun 2018

Triggering Minimum Wage and Overtime with the Swipe of a Credit Card

Lambrou Johnson, Christine

If your employees use credit cards on the job, be aware of the risks. Here's how to avoid costs and penalties.

Apr-Jun 2018

Can You Lobby for a Cause You Believe In?

Kramer, Don

Is it legal for a nonprofit to try to change the law?

Jan-Mar 2018

Is Your Nonprofit Compliant with State Registration & Audit Rules?

Sharpstone, Lewis

Did you know that 13 states consider the "donate" button on a nonprofit's website an act of active solicitation? Find out what that means for your organization.

Oct-Dec 2017

The Path to Avoiding State Unemployment Tax

Gow Jr., James & Ron Lucki

Don't overlook this cost-cutting measure.

Oct-Dec 2017

Can Your Organization's Employees Also Be Volunteers? What Are the Risks?

Lockwood Herman, Melanie

What are the legal consequences of confusing volunteers with paid staff?

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