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Jul-Sep 2016

IRS Audits: What Could They Mean for Unrelated Business Income?

Kalick, Laura

An IRS audit could happen when you least expect it.

Apr-Jun 2016

Must You Spend a Certain Amount of Your Endowment?

Kramer, Don

What are the rules for a nonprofit's endowment funds?

Jan-Mar 2016

14 Questions to Ask before You Hire an Attorney

Gammon & Grange

Do you need a lawyer? If so, how do you find the right one?

Oct-Dec 2015

Four Insurance Products that Help You Sleep Better at Night

Johnson, Eric

Don't let a lawsuit crush your organization. Protect yourself with the right insurance.

Jul-Sep 2015

Avoid Catastrophe by Addressing Cyber Risk

Marchetti, Tom

You could fall victim to a cyber attack or breach at any time. Keep disaster at bay with these guidelines.

Jul-Sep 2015

Is Lost Packet Retrievable?

Temkin, Terrie

What can you do if you lose your IRS paperwork?

Apr-Jun 2015

Four Steps to a Merger

Vaccaro, Christopher R.

Is a merger right for your organization? Consider these four steps to decide if it's time to move forward.

Oct-Dec 2014

Legal & Nonprofit Partnering to Benefit People with Disabilities

Lipsey, Bruce S.

If you haven't yet partnered with a lawyer, it may be time to do so. The benefits can be enormous.

Jul-Sep 2014

Reduce Your Risk of Occupational Crime

Giovino, Christopher J.

Do you have the proper insurance and crisis plan in place? If not, you may be putting your organization at risk.

Jan-Mar 2014

Does Your Retirement Plan Pass the Test?

Sivak, Christine & Craig C. Gabel

Be sure you make these changes before the IRS appears at your door.

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