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Jan-Mar 2019

Sneaky and Insightful Board Room Questions

Weisman, Carol

The best way to energize your board? Ask the right questions.

Oct-Dec 2018

How to Run the Perfect Board Meeting - While Inspiring Board Members to Raise Funds

Howlett, Susan

Inspire your board to raise money by holding irresistible board meetings.

Oct-Dec 2018

What Should You Call a Transgender Person in Your Documents?

Kramer, Don

If the name hasn't been legally changed, can you use it in your minutes and other legal papers?

Jul-Sep 2018

Building an Alliance with Your Board Chair

Eadie, Doug

Nothing is more critical to your success as a chief executive than your partnership with your board chair.

Jul-Sep 2018

Twelve Ways to Liven Up Your Board Meetings - And Your Board

Perry, Gail

Share these ideas with your board members, and watch meetings rocket from boring to fired up.

Jul-Sep 2018

May Board Members Be Present by Telephone?

Kramer, Don

Must you be physically present at board meetings?

Apr-Jun 2018

Exit Interviews: When Board Members Say Good-bye

Weisman, Carol

Never pass up this opportunity. It's pure gold.

Jan-Mar 2018

Three Vital Questions for Your Board

Perry, Gail

If your board doesn't know the answers, you need a new way to give them information.

Oct-Dec 2017

How to Solicit Your Board: Rules for Success

Perry, Gail

Would you like 100% of your board to give cash gifts to your organization? Here's how to do so without antagonizing your board members, or driving yourself crazy.

Jul-Sep 2017

Action Steps for Effective Governance: Test Yourself

Ball, Alyson

Check to see how well you've governing and leading.

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