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Jan-Feb 2010

Is Loan from Directors a Conflict?

Kramer, Don

Can you ask your board to help keep you afloat through tough times?

Nov-Dec 2009

Rethinking the Nonprofit Board

Kipp, Michael F.

Helping board members see themselves as owners may be the most important thing you can do.

Sep-Oct 2009

Diversity, Diversity, Everyone Wants Diversity

Temkin, Terrie

What are the best ways to add diversity to your board?

Sep-Oct 2009

Beyond the Board Package

Clark, Della

Technology has revolutionized board-meeting preparation. Here's how to tap into these innovations.

Jul-Aug 2009

Investing with Care: How to Avoid Investment Scams and Surprises*

Cohen, Rory & Sally Blinken

Be sure you and your advisors are conducting due-diligence reviews of your investments.

May-Jun 2009

Building a Rock-Solid Board-CEO Partnership: Talking With CEO Virginia Jacko*

Eadie, Doug

A successful organization depends on the partnership between the board and CEO. Here are insights from a visionary leader.

May-Jun 2009

Using Technology to Advance Your Board

Brinckerhoff, Peter

Use your web site to help create a strong, energized board of directors.

Mar-Apr 2009

Make Good Use of the Treasurer & Finance Committee

Barr, Kate

Don't waste these valuable resources.

Mar-Apr 2009

Three Magic Questions for Your Board

Oliver, Erika A.

Ask these questions, listen to the answers, and watch participation soar.

Jan-Feb 2009

How to Create a Strong Board-CEO Partnership*

Eadie, Doug

This precious bond is a top key to your organization's success.

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