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Sep-Oct 2007  Tools for Improving Your Board's Diversity Fox, Mark 
Nov-Dec 2007  How to Prepare Board Members to Govern Effectively Eadie, Doug 
Jan-Feb 2006  How Can a Geographically-Challenged Board Hold Meetings?* Weisman, Carol 
Jan-Feb 2006  How to Assess & Improve Your Board's Performance Craft, Ralph & Ronald Benson 
May-Jun 2006  35 Questions that Will Transform Your Board N/A 
Jul-Aug 2006  How Can You Get Rid of a Bad Board Chair? Weisman, Carol 
Jul-Aug 2006  How to Develop a High-Impact Board Eadie, Doug 
Sep-Oct 2006  Bring a List of Names to the Next Meeting* Block, Jean 
Nov-Dec 2006  Must You Open Your Board Meetings to the Public?* Kramer, Don 
Nov-Dec 2006  Improving Board Meetings: Three Steps for Success Bazan, Stan 

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