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Mar-Apr 2012

How Can Your Board Participate in Strategic Planning?

Eadie, Doug

A new, tested approach is the answer.

Jan-Feb 2012

Why Don't Board Members Do What They're Supposed to Do?

Smith, Hardy

A board-member survey reveals ways to create a stronger organization.

Nov-Dec 2011

Nested at the Heart: A New Approach to Nonprofit Leadership

Duta, Andrei

A new leadership paradigm - the nucleus model - puts the board-CEO relationship at the center of everything.

Nov-Dec 2011

The Special Relationship: Nurturing the CEO-Board Chair Bond*

Fram, Eugene

Here are tips to assure the best possible partnership between the board chair and CEO

Sep-Oct 2011

Spear Carriers for Change: The NAPEO Story

Fayak, Brian, Art Geiger, and Doug Eadie

The key to transforming your board? Create a platoon of spear carriers

Sep-Oct 2011

Should You Insure Your CEO?

Temkin, Terrie

Is it a good idea to insure your organization's key players?

Sep-Oct 2011

I've Been Thinking about? the Board-Executive Relationship*

Golensky, Martha

Is partnership between the board and executive a realizable goal? A worthy goal? Is there a downside?

Jul-Aug 2011

Self-Evaluation for Nonprofit Boards

Hannah, Jeff

Boards that evaluate themselves are more effective, and their organizations have better financial outcomes.

May-Jun 2011

Using Board Portals to Keep Directors Connected

Sodi, Alex

Here's how one organization solved a key board problem - and how you can do the same.

May-Jun 2011

I've Been Thinking about... Founder's Syndrome*

Golensky, Martha

How can you honor your organization's founder while moving on to meet new challenges?

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