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May-Jun 2013

Build a Team, Not Just a Board

Edwards, Linda

Are you missing the secret ingredient in your search criteria?

Jul-Aug 2013

Can You Fire a Board Member for Disagreeing?

Kramer, Don

How much leeway does the executive have in removing board members?

Jul-Aug 2013

How Much Should Staff and Board Be Expected to Give?

Warwick, Mal

Should staff and board members be required to give a certain amount each year?

Jul-Aug 2013

Beware of These Three Personality Pitfalls

Cole, Gary

Don't let these common personality types derail your board.

Sep-Oct 2013

Cultivating Next-Gen Board Members*

Davis, Emily

When diversifying your board, don't forget to include young people.

Nov-Dec 2013

Board-Staff Relationships: An Uncomfortable Partnership?

Fram, Eugene

Are staff and board members doomed to be uncomfortable with each other? Here's how the board can take the lead in forging a productive relationship.

Nov-Dec 2013

Does Your Board Need to Get Out More?

Temkin, Terrie

Should your board focus on your organization or spend time working outside the board room?

Nov-Dec 2013

iPads in the Board Room: Efficiency-Booster or Time-Waster?

Schindlinger, Dottie

What impact is the "electronic board book" trend having on board engagement and leadership?

Jan-Feb 2012

Why Don't Board Members Do What They're Supposed to Do?

Smith, Hardy

A board-member survey reveals ways to create a stronger organization.

Mar-Apr 2012

How Can Your Board Participate in Strategic Planning?

Eadie, Doug

A new, tested approach is the answer.

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