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Mar-Apr 2011

Should You Recruit Corporate Leaders as Board Members?

Weisman, Carol

What if board and staff members disagree about whom to recruit for your board? Is there a middle ground?

Jan-Feb 2011

How to Create a Board that Gets Things Done

King, Corwin P.

Is your board the best it could be? Here are ways to assure productivity.

Jan-Feb 2011

Can an Employee Get Rid of the CEO?

Kramer, Don

How can you make sure an incompetent CEO gets fired?

Nov-Dec 2010

What Makes Your Board Members Tick?*

Oliver, Erika

You need to know the answer if you want to build a committed board.

Sep-Oct 2010

Want to Avoid Fraud? Look to Your Board*

Fram, Eugene H. & Bruce L. Oliver

Board members can use this guide to keep fraud away from your door.

Sep-Oct 2010

I've Been Thinking about... Board Recruitment

Golensky, Martha

Are you giving this important governance step the attention it deserves? What does it take to build the board you need and want?

Jul-Aug 2010

Reporting Financial Information to the Board

Barr, Kate

Are your reports too long, too short, or just right?

Jul-Aug 2010

When Your President is a Traitor

Temkin, Terrie

How can you recover from the back-stabbing actions of a board president?

May-Jun 2010

What's the Best Way to Contact Board Members?*

Weisman, Carol

How can you find out what's really keeping board members away?

Mar-Apr 2010

Turn Your Board Members into Strong Owners*

Eadie, Doug

Bring your strategic plan to life by involving your board.

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