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Jul-Aug 2006

How Can You Get Rid of a Bad Board Chair?

Weisman, Carol

Is there a way to get someone to step down without blood on the wall?

Jul-Aug 2006

How to Develop a High-Impact Board

Eadie, Doug

Use these criteria to rate - and improve - your board.

Sep-Oct 2006

Bring a List of Names to the Next Meeting*

Block, Jean

Here?s a foolproof way to get your board to raise funds.

Nov-Dec 2006

Must You Open Your Board Meetings to the Public?*

Kramer, Don

Are nonprofit boards obliged to invite the public to attend?

Nov-Dec 2006

Improving Board Meetings: Three Steps for Success

Bazan, Stan

Use this checklist to gain the maximum impact from your meetings.

Jan-Feb 2005

How to Talk to Your Board

Lauer, Larry

Jan-Feb 2004

LOP: A Model to Remove Board Members

Santora, Joseph

Mar-Apr 2004

Leading the Transformation of Boards*

Werther, William & Evan Berman

Mar-Apr 2004

Is The Board Secretary Obsolete?*

Weisman, Carol

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