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Jul-Sep 2018

May Board Members Be Present by Telephone?

Kramer, Don

Must you be physically present at board meetings?

Apr-Jun 2018

Exit Interviews: When Board Members Say Good-bye

Weisman, Carol

Never pass up this opportunity. It's pure gold.

Jan-Mar 2018

Three Vital Questions for Your Board

Perry, Gail

If your board doesn't know the answers, you need a new way to give them information.

Oct-Dec 2017

How to Solicit Your Board: Rules for Success

Perry, Gail

Would you like 100% of your board to give cash gifts to your organization? Here's how to do so without antagonizing your board members, or driving yourself crazy.

Jul-Sep 2017

Action Steps for Effective Governance: Test Yourself

Ball, Alyson

Check to see how well you've governing and leading.

Apr-Jun 2017

Fundraising Mistakes We Make with Our Boards

Perry, Gail

Are you asking too much of your board - or not enough? Check to make sure you're not making any of these errors.

Jan-Mar 2017

Does 100% Board Giving Matter?

Davis, Emily

It's a common question - and it's vital to know the answer.

Oct-Dec 2016

Planning the Board Orientation: 12 Key Messages

Harris, Bob

Don't neglect this all-important activity: orienting and training the board.

Jul-Sep 2016

Board Committees: Essential Elements to Success

Sannella, John

Put committees to work for your organization.

Apr-Jun 2016

Emeritus Board Members: The How, the Why, the Art

Weisman, Carol

When should you give the "emeritus" title to a board member?

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