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Apr-Jun 2023

Fresh Approaches to Board Recruitment

Eber Davis, Karen

Try these strategies to find new board members, attract new ideas, build diversity, and create feedback loops.

Jan-Mar 2023

Do You Have the Right People on Your Board?

Temkin, Terrie

Is there a magic bullet for finding the right board members?

Oct-Dec 2022

Is Your Board an Asset Or a Liability?

Lockwood Herman, Melanie

Is your board decreasing - or increasing - your organization's risk? Take this quick quiz to find out.

Oct-Dec 2022

How Should You Deal with a Merger Proposal?

Kramer, Don

As a board member, can you - should you - keep your organization from merging?

Jul-Sep 2022

Do All Board Members Speak Up in Meetings?

Donahue, Kim

Use these proven strategies to give everyone an equal voice.

Apr-Jun 2022

What's Most Important in a Board Member?

Eber Davis, Karen

When recruiting board members, what should you look for first?

Apr-Jun 2022

Do You Need Job Descriptions for Your Board Members?

Robinson, Andy

Is a job description really necessary?

Jan-Mar 2022

The New & Future Boardroom: A Recap & Predictions for the Coming Year

Banner, Jeb

A recent survey shines light on how boards and their meetings are changing.

Oct-Dec 2021

Help! My Board Won't Help Raise Revenue

Eber Davis, Karen

You need to know the origins of board resistance before you can solve the problem.

Oct-Dec 2021

About That Bonus...

Temkin, Terrie

Should your board give a bonus to the CEO? What factors should you consider?

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