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Jan-Mar 2021

What's Ahead for Your Digital Board? Predictions for the Coming Year

Banner, Jeb

What changes can you and your board expect?

Jan-Mar 2021

Grow a More Diverse Board: A Fresh Approach to Inclusion

Eber Davis, Karen

If your efforts at board diversity haven't lived up to your hopes, here's what to try.

Oct-Dec 2020

On-Boarding - Or Board Orientation? Welcoming New Board Members

Burns, Mike

The process is too crucial to approach without careful planning.

Oct-Dec 2020

How Can You Boost Board Turnout?

Robinson, Andy

What are some ways to get people to show up?

Oct-Dec 2020

Is This a Possible Conflict of Interest?

Kramer, Don

What should board members do when they think they see conflicts of interest?

Jul-Sep 2020

Getting Your Board Prospect off the Fence

Eber Davis, Karen

Avoid board-candidate limbo with these simple steps.

Apr-Jun 2020

Challenge Your Board to Take These Quick Actions instead of Checking Messages

Eber Davis, Karen

Ask your board members to grow your organization's revenue with these practical, specific acts.

Jan-Mar 2020

Increase Your Organization's Influence in Just 15 Minutes a Month

Kihlstedt, Andrea

This simple idea will be transformative.

Jan-Mar 2020

Create a Diverse Board: Move from Intention to Action

Brennan, Molly

Enriching your board-member pool will make your board smarter and more productive.

Jan-Mar 2020

How Can You Get Board Members to Keep Their Promises?

Robinson, Andy

Poor follow-through is a problem on many boards. Here's how to fix it.

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