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Nonprofit World Articles: Fundraising

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Jan-Mar 2022

Is Your Legacy Society Dreary Or Dynamic?

Meyerhoff, Claire

A legacy society can be one of your best fundraising tools. Make it the best it can be.

Jan-Mar 2022

Does a Grant Writer Need to Register?

Kramer, Don

Does the law require registration for grant writers?

Jan-Mar 2022

What's the Best Way to Approach a Major-Gift Prospect?

Perry, Gail

What do you say to someone who's not a major donor but who could be one?

Oct-Dec 2021

Fruitful Ideas for Getting Back to Successful Fundraising

Deck, Sally & Howard Smith

Now's the time to energize your fundraising tactics.

Oct-Dec 2021

Don't Miss This New Fundraising Opportunity: Student-Athletes & the New NIL Rules

Mitchell, Mark & Kay Keels

Are you taking advantage of this exciting new way to raise funds?

Oct-Dec 2021

Top 10 Things to Understand about How Fundraising Really Works Today

Perry, Gail

Get everyone in your organization on the same page about what fundraising is and isn't. Here's a simple guide.

Oct-Dec 2021

Don't Overlook Gen-X Donors

Reed, Dan

If you're focusing on Millennials and Baby Boomers to the neglect of Gen X, you're missing the boat. Don't forget this important generation.

Jul-Sep 2021

Listen Your Way to Major Gifts: Power Questions Your Donor Will Love

Perry, Gail

Use these donor-centered questions to gain major gifts.

Apr-Jun 2021

Preparing for #GivingTuesday: Questions to Ask before You Participate

Temkin, Terrie

Does #GivingTuesday fit with your plans? If you're not sure, ask yourself these 10 questions.

Apr-Jun 2021

How Can You Write a Compelling Query Letter?

Howlett, Susan & Renee Bourque

Many funders make decisions based on the query letter alone. Be sure you make a good impression.

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