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Jul-Aug 2013

Top 10 Trends: How Major Donors are Changing & What To Do About It

Perry, Gail

These strategies will put you ahead of the pack.

Sep-Oct 2013

The Not-So-Grand Grant: When the Best Response May Be "No Thanks"

Applebaum, Terry L.

Why you should always look a gift horse in the mouth, and how to do it.

Nov-Dec 2013

Tips for a Successful Fundraising Committee*

Davis, Emily

Do you need to create a committee to help you raise funds? Or should you revamp the committee you have? These suggestions will pave the way.

Nov-Dec 2013

Don't Alienate Donors by Giving them Improper Receipts

Roberts, Doug

Do you know all the rules surrounding tax deductions for donations? If not, you may end up with very unhappy donors.

Jan-Feb 2012

How Often Should You Ask Donors to Give?

Keller, Thomas K.

Like many things in marketing, best practices can be counter-intuitive.

Jan-Feb 2012

Turning the Direct Ask Into Gold*

Knaup, Sue

It may take more time, and a bit of courage, but it's the best way to garner funds.

Mar-Apr 2012

Corporate Partnerships for Nonprofits: A Match Made in Heaven?*

Thompson, Frederick G.

What you need to know about collaborating with for-profits

May-Jun 2012

How Much Money Should You Request in an E-Mail Campaign?

Warwick, Mal

What's a good first-time ask amount for an e-mail campaign?

May-Jun 2012

Numbers Needed: Five Reasons to Use Financial Data in Fundraising*

Scheuble, Holly

Are your accountants involved in your fundraising efforts? If not, you're missing a potent communication tool.

May-Jun 2012

How to Address the Funding Crisis? A Proven Option Lies Right Before Your Eyes

Burtch, Bruce

In changing times, look beyond your usual funding to embrace a new approach.

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