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Nonprofit World Articles: Fundraising

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Nov-Dec 2011

Unlock Fundraising Potential with Affinity Marketing

Halliday, Steve

Many nonprofits shy away from this form of fundrasing, but it can work beautifully if you take an active part in making it succeed.

Jan-Feb 2010

Seven Fundraising-Event Strategies for Challenging Times

Borning, Carl

Use these lessons to assure a productive event.

Jan-Feb 2010

Creating a Preauthorized Gift Program*

Biedermann, Jon

Want to boost donors' gifts while easing fundraising effort? Here's how.

Mar-Apr 2010

Do You Need to Pay for a Feasibility Study?

Vogel, Jeane

Is it worth paying for a feasibility study, or can you perform one on your own?

Mar-Apr 2010

Helping Donors Choose YOUR Organization: Using Image Theory to Change People's Minds

Schimmel, Kurt, Darlene Motley, and Michele Cole

Jumpstart your fundraising efforts with this new model for understanding donor behavior.

May-Jun 2010

How Can You Use Leftover Premiums?

Warwick, Mal

Is a dated premium a good incentive for giving?

May-Jun 2010

Fundraising and the Virtual Call Center

Dvorkin, Jim

Is the on-demand call center right for you? Use these tips to capitalize on this trend.

Jul-Aug 2010

The Word You Hear Most Often in Fundraising*

Robinson, Andy

Here are simple rules to help you obtain major gifts.

Sep-Oct 2010

Event Planning Can Be Easier If You Follow These Steps

Wolf, Jodi

Here are tips to make sure your event is not only special but successful.

Nov-Dec 2010

The Challenge of Sustaining a Grant-Funded Program

Minnis, William C.

Don't get caught in the catch-22 of sustainability. Here's how to look at the concept in a whole new way.

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