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Jan-Mar 2021

How Long Should Your Fundraising Letters Be?

Brooks, Jeff

Here's a proven way to improve your results.

Oct-Dec 2020

The Power of Crowdfunding

Gousse, Liz & Matt McCrosson

Here's how to take advantage of this huge opportunity to raise money.

Jul-Sep 2020

Dialing for Dollars, Reinvented

Robinson, Andy

Use phone banks to engage donors and raise more money.

Apr-Jun 2020

Four Things that Aren't Fundraising

Brooks, Jeff

Focusing on what fundraising isn't will help you be more donor-centered - and raise more money.

Apr-Jun 2020

Does Direct Mail Work for Small Nonprofits?

Ahern, Tom

Can you raise money with a direct-mail appeal letter, or should you stick to online approaches?

Jan-Mar 2020

Three Keys to Building Relationships in Life (and with Your Donors)

Shefska, Zach

What's the best way to foster meaningful connections? These simple techniques hold the secret.

Oct-Dec 2019

Two Simple but Important Metrics Your Nonprofit Needs to Measure

Shefska, Zach

You can use data you already have to check your fundraising effectiveness.

Oct-Dec 2019

Are You Making These Mistakes in Your Fundraising Letters?

Perry, Gail

Check out these simple ways to make your letters more appealing to donors.

Oct-Dec 2019

What's the Right Length for a Direct-Mail Letter?

Warwick, Mal

How long a letter should you send to potential donors?

Oct-Dec 2019

Is a Raffle a Good Bet?

Kramer, Don

Can you raffle off some of your office equipment to raise funds?

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