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Apr-Jun 2024

What's the Right Role for Board Members in Major-Gift Fundraising?

Perry, Gail

We need board members in a role only they can play.

Apr-Jun 2024

What's the Secret to Asking for Bequests?

Ahern, Tom

Can a small organization obtain meaningful legacy gifts?

Jan-Mar 2024

The Best Way to Raise Endowment Funds

Perry, Gail & Andrea Kihlstedt

Are you missing out on the biggest fundraising opportunities of all?

Oct-Dec 2023

Holidays that Boost Donor Giving - & Ones that Don't

Brooks, Jeff

Which holidays are worth your fundraising time and which can you ignore?

Jul-Sep 2023

Are You Really Ready For a Capital Campaign?

Perry, Gail & Andrea Kihlstedt

Follow this plan to raise the money of your dreams.

Apr-Jun 2023

Ten Cage-Rattling Questions to Ask about Your Fundraising Strategy

Perry, Gail

Are you a fundraiser who's not getting the support you need? Ask these questions to start some productive conversations.

Apr-Jun 2023

Can You Thank Your Donors Too Much?

Ahern, Tom

The answer may surprise you.

Jan-Mar 2023

Why on Earth Would a Major Donor Agree to Meet with You?

Perry, Gail

Here are four easy ways to get the all-important appointment with a major-gift prospect.

Oct-Dec 2022

Rules to Live By in December

Perry, Gail

It's the busiest time of year. Use these tips to stay both productive and sane.

Oct-Dec 2022

Is It Wrong to Recognize Your Funders?

Temkin, Terrie

Should you, or shouldn't you, acknowledge your grantors?

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