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Jul-Sep 2016  The Skill Every Fundraiser Needs: Cultural Wisdom Wagner, Lilya 
Jul-Sep 2016  Here Come the Millennials - and Their Money MacNeill, Sean 
Jul-Sep 2016  Anatomy of an Award-Winning Campaign Lewis, Courtney & Kelly Potchak 
Apr-Jun 2016  Should Crowdfunding Be Part of Your Toolbox? Wittenberg, Diane 
Apr-Jun 2016  Diving Into the Hispanic Donor Pool Anderson, Randall 
Apr-Jun 2016  X + Y = $ A Primer on Generational Philanthropy Herrell, Renee C. 
Apr-Jun 2016  Is a Personalized Letter Always Better? Warwick, Mal 
Jan-Mar 2016  The Most Deadly Fundraising Mistake Minges, John 
Jan-Mar 2016  When Using Fundraising Pages, Must You Register in Every State? Kramer, Don 
Oct-Dec 2015  Ten Ways to Improve Your Fundraising by Next Week Perry, Gail 

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