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Jul-Aug 2012

The Value of a ZIP Code*

Sexauer, Michael and Mildred S. Myers

ZIP codes can help you choose cost-effective marketing targets. But be sure you use them the right way.

May-Jun 2012

How to Address the Funding Crisis? A Proven Option Lies Right Before Your Eyes

Burtch, Bruce

In changing times, look beyond your usual funding to embrace a new approach.

May-Jun 2012

Numbers Needed: Five Reasons to Use Financial Data in Fundraising*

Scheuble, Holly

Are your accountants involved in your fundraising efforts? If not, you're missing a potent communication tool.

May-Jun 2012

How Much Money Should You Request in an E-Mail Campaign?

Warwick, Mal

What's a good first-time ask amount for an e-mail campaign?

Mar-Apr 2012

Corporate Partnerships for Nonprofits: A Match Made in Heaven?*

Thompson, Frederick G.

What you need to know about collaborating with for-profits

Jan-Feb 2012

Turning the Direct Ask Into Gold*

Knaup, Sue

It may take more time, and a bit of courage, but it's the best way to garner funds.

Jan-Feb 2012

How Often Should You Ask Donors to Give?

Keller, Thomas K.

Like many things in marketing, best practices can be counter-intuitive.

Nov-Dec 2011

Unlock Fundraising Potential with Affinity Marketing

Halliday, Steve

Many nonprofits shy away from this form of fundrasing, but it can work beautifully if you take an active part in making it succeed.

Sep-Oct 2011

Think Out of the Box for Fundraising Gains*

Nemetz, Kevin

Turn to creative fundraising ideas to weather tough times.

Sep-Oct 2011

How to Write a Fundraising Letter

Muehrcke, Jill

What are the keys to raising funds by mail? Includes a sample fundraising letter.

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