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Oct-Dec 2019

Is a Raffle a Good Bet?

Kramer, Don

Can you raffle off some of your office equipment to raise funds?

Jul-Sep 2019

Ready, Set ….

Weisman, Carol

Try this creative idea to raise funds.

Jul-Sep 2019

This Is How It Feels when You Don't Acknowledge a Donor

Shefska, Zach

Take a walk in a donor's shoes, and you'll never make this devastating mistake again.

Apr-Jun 2019

Revitalize Your Thank-You Letter with a Good Story

Chase Lockshin, Vanessa

Stories rule. Capture your donors' hearts with these steps.

Jan-Mar 2019

How to Add an Emotional Hook to Your Fundraising Letters: What to Do and What Not to Do

Perry, Gail

Never, ever, forget to grab people's hearts in your appeal letter!

Jan-Mar 2019

How Can You Keep Your Donors from Leaving?

Smith, Gary C.

Why do nonprofits lose their donors, and what are the remedies?

Jan-Mar 2019

How Should You Treat Gifts to Team Members?

Kramer, Don

If nonprofit employees receive individual donations, what should they do?

Oct-Dec 2018

Why Focus on Bequests? The Facts Tell the Story

Weisman, Carol

The mystery is why more nonprofits aren't tapping in to this tremendous source of funds.

Oct-Dec 2018

How Can You Boost Donors' Trust in Your Organization?

Muehrcke, Jill

First, learn how different generations think about trust and giving.

Oct-Dec 2018

How to Ask When (You Believe) It's Too Soon to Ask

Heim, Marcy

Even if the timing feels wrong, you can forge a positive funding relationship. Just follow these steps.

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