Nonprofit World: September-October 2007


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Are Your Employees Giving You the Silent Treatment?*
by Keefe, Linda
The more you hear from them, the stronger your organization will be. Here are four steps to effective employee communication.
Beyond Common Sense: Proven Tactics for Direct-Mail Fundraising
by Keller, Thomas K
Use these 20 techniques to reap more and bigger donations through the mail
Fraud: Discovery and Action*
by Cote, Ronald
Don?t learn the hard way!
How Quickly Can You Receive Tax-Exempt Status?
by Kramer, Don
How long does it take to obtain tax-exempt status from the IRS? Is there a way to speed up the process?
How to Grow a VEO
by Sujansky, Joanne G
What?s a VEO, and why do you need to build one?
Is It Time to Switch to E-Mail Fundraising?
by Tyler, Joe
You may gain more than you expect.
It's All about the Connection
by Fine, Allison
Are you using the latest tools to connect with the people who matter most?
Learning to Lead*
by Fernsler, Terrence
Two books offer new perspectives on leadership.
Tools for Improving Your Board's Diversity
by Fox, Mark
How balanced is your board? Use these tools to check your progress and improve your score.
Valuing In-Kind Gifts*
by Temkin, Terrie
When you leverage your resources by using in-kind gifts, how do you assign them a value?
What Followers Want from Leaders: Capitalizing on Diversity*
by Upshur-Myles, Chantel C
To meet people?s needs, you must first embrace their uniqueness.
Workplace Identity Theft: Curing the Latest HR Headache
by Hottie, Douglas
Follow these rules to protect employees and lessen your risk of liability for identity theft.

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