Nonprofit World: October-December 2015


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What Can You Do with a Renegade Employee?

Griffith, Andrew

What's the board's responsibility when an employee takes unfair advantage of an organization?


Remember Your Brand when You Market with Social Media

Laube, Ben

Use these guidelines to craft a cohesive social-media brand.


Ten Ways to Improve Your Fundraising by Next Week

Perry, Gail

Use these tips to give your fundraising a shot in the arm.


Can You Create an App (or Something Better) for That?

Eber Davis, Karen

Think outside (and inside) the smartphone box with these relationship-building experiences.


Seven Risk Questions for the Board

Lockwood Herman, Melanie

Energize your board and assure a strategic future with these questions.


Determining the Value of Your Collaborations

Roberts, Joan

Are you getting enough value from collaboration? Is it worth the time involved? Add up the costs and benefits to be sure.


Want to Hire Top Talent? Create an Irresistible Culture

Bradley, Joanna

Your organization's culture defines the kind of staff you can recruit and retain. Use these ideas to design an alluring culture.


Budgeting for Success

Heitkamp, Greg

A financial expert offers essential keys.


Is Your Investment Committee Doing Its Job?

Ferman, Mike

Do your Investment Committee members know their fiduciary duties?

Law & Taxation

Four Insurance Products that Help You Sleep Better at Night

Johnson, Eric

Don't let a lawsuit crush your organization. Protect yourself with the right insurance.

Relevant Reviews

For-Profit Thinking = Nonprofit Success

Fernsler, Terrence

These keys to success combine the best of both sectors.

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Nonprofit Briefs


A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.

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