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Jul-Aug 1991  General Support vs. Project Support: A 77-Year-Old Debate Seltzer, Michael & M. Cunningham 
Sep-Oct 1991  Let's Get Planned Giving Out of the Fog Recer, J. Dan 
Nov-Dec 1991  It's Time to Rethink Your Development Program Ouynn, Katelyn & Ronald Jordan 
Jan-Feb 1990  Is Fundraising a Profession?: Not Yet Carbone, Robert 
Jan-Feb 1990  The Impact of Fundraising Priorities: Nonprofits & Funders Chiti, Judith 
Jan-Feb 1990  How to Raise Money with an Annual Phone-a-thon Lant, Jeffrey 
Jan-Feb 1990  Donations Versus Dues Temper, Roy 
Mar-Apr 1990  Building Your Endowment with Life Insurance Barnes, Sharon & Jim Cornwell 
May-Jun 1990  PSAs: Free But Not Easy! McGowan, Andrew 
May-Jun 1990  Why People Give: Pride of Association Myers, Walter 

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