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Nov-Dec 1992  Must We Register in Other States? --- 
Nov-Dec 1992  Scarce Funds, Tight Times; NPs Need New Skills --- 
Jan-Feb 1991  Preparing for an Endowment Campaign Ashton, Debra 
Jan-Feb 1991  How to Hire Ethical Fundraising Counsel Firk, Marilyn Foster 
Mar-Apr 1991  Tax Consequences of Charitable Giving Jordan, Ronald & Katelyn Quynn 
May-Jun 1991  How to Start a Planned Giving Program Ashton, Debra 
May-Jun 1991  Persuading Board Members to Raise Funds --- 
Jul-Aug 1991  General Support vs. Project Support: A 77-Year-Old Debate Seltzer, Michael & M. Cunningham 
Sep-Oct 1991  Let's Get Planned Giving Out of the Fog Recer, J. Dan 
Nov-Dec 1991  It's Time to Rethink Your Development Program Ouynn, Katelyn & Ronald Jordan 

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