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Nonprofit World: July-September 2016


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Anatomy of an Award-Winning Campaign
by Lewis, Courtney & Kelly Potchak
A case study offers winning direct-mail fundraising ideas.
Board Committees: Essential Elements to Success
by Sannella, John
Put committees to work for your organization.
Here Come the Millennials - and Their Money
by MacNeill, Sean
If you're ready, you can reap rewards from two-thirds of today's workforce.
How Changing Your Lenses Will Strengthen Your Leadership
by Kaipa, Prasad & Navi Radjou
Here are six ways to shift your perspective - and lead more effectively.
IRS Audits: What Could They Mean for Unrelated Business Income?
by Kalick, Laura
An IRS audit could happen when you least expect it.
Mistakes to Avoid when Building Your Volunteer Handbook
by Kendrick, Shawn
These simple rules can improve your volunteers' performance - and save you from a devastating lawsuit.
Moving Up: Can Seconds-in-Command Make the Transition from Manager to Leader?
by Santora, Joseph C., & Gil Bozer
Why do so many seconds-in-command have trouble when they're promoted?
Nonprofit Briefs
by Misc
A collection of brief articles with tips, research and reviews related to nonprofit management and leadership.
Staffing Strategies in Light of the New Overtime Rules
by Johnson, Michelle
You can satisfy the new rules and still keep costs low. Here are some ways.
Stop Before You Conduct That Survey!
by Rafe, Stephen C.
Don't waste money on useless surveys. They may do more harm than good.
The Skill Every Fundraiser Needs: Cultural Wisdom
by Wagner, Lilya
It's one of the most vital things you can learn. Here's how to get started.
Top Can't-Miss Resources for Nonprofits
by Buys, Jason
Are you taking advantage of the online tools available to you as a nonprofit?
What Makes You Different?
by Russell, Max T.
Differentiating yourself can be difficult, but it's worth the work.

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