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Fund For Global Human Rights




The Fundís objective is to increase the flow of financial resources to on-the-ground human rights organizations and to strengthen human rights movements and communities in countries throughout the world. Grants are earmarked for non-governmental and nonprofit organizations working to promote respect for human rights in the countries and regions in which they are based. Of particular interest are programs and activities that contribute to the overall goal of advancing human rights. Some suggested topics include those focused on mobilizing popular opinion through human rights skills-building and organizing; those that expose abuse through documentation; and ones that address violations through direct action, policy/legal reform, and litigation. In addition, the Fund also considers networking and coalition building to further the effectiveness of human rights work and capacity building for organizations engaged in human rights work whether itís local or regional. The Fundís current grantmaking is focused on organizations in 14 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. To be eligible for funding, an organization must work to defend or promote human rights, and be based in one of the Fundís focus regions.

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