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The Maclellan Foundations




One of three Foundations (The Maclellan Foundation, the Robert L. and Kathrina H. Maclellan Foundation, and The Christian Education Charitable Trust) the trio of givers is focused on establishing and strengthening the church, promoting discipleship and leadership development, sparking community transformation, and increasing access to Scripture. The Foundations provide financial and leadership resources to faith-based ministries, helping to foster biblical Christian values in the community and meeting practical and spiritual needs. The Foundation focuses its grantmaking in three areas: global, Chattanooga, and education. Under the Global category, the Maclellan Foundation serves the Lord by advancing faith-based solutions across the globe. Under the Robert L. and Kathrina H. Maclellan Foundation, Chattanooga grants support area faith-based ministries to meet the practical and spiritual needs within the Tennessee community. Under the Christian Education Charitable Trust, education grants promote Christian education within a 500-mile radius of Chattanooga. The Foundation proactively explores and promotes fresh, innovative approaches to education that go beyond the traditional “bricks and mortar” approach to integrate technology and scalability with education. Applicants must be willing to subscribe to the Lausanne Covenant, details of which, as well as other information, can be found on the Web site.

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