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Bader Philanthropies




The umbrella Organization over two Funds, the Helen Daniels Bader Fund and the Isabel and Alfred Bader Fund, the Philanthropies seek to address major social needs. Grants are awarded in the following areas: Workforce Development, Milwaukee (Wisconsin) Arts, Community Programs, Community Partnerships for Youth, Jewish Education, Israel, and Alzheimer’s & Aging. The Philanthropies believe that everyone deserves a safe childhood, productive working life, and dignified aging. The Philanthropies directs its grantmaking to organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life for all people in Wisconsin and around the world. The Philanthropies seek grant proposals in specific program areas within certain geographic boundaries. Milwaukee Arts, Workforce Development, and Community Partnerships for Youth are focused on the City of Milwaukee. Community Initiatives are earmarked for Greater Milwaukee. Alzheimer’s & Aging grants are focused on national organizations with an emphasis on Wisconsin. Requests related to Alzheimer’s & Aging grants in Israel must fit into one of two categories: home- and community-based care or education and training for family and professional caregivers. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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