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Seventh Generation Fund For Indian Development


Arts & Culture


The Fund is an indigenous nonprofit dedicated to promoting and maintaining the uniqueness of Native peoples throughout the Americas. Named for a precept of the Great Law of Peace of the Haudenosaunee (Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy), which mandates that chiefs consider the impact of their decisions on the seventh generation yet to come, the Fund supports projects in the following areas: arts and cultural expression, environmental health and justice, human rights, intergenerational leadership, sacred earth, sustainable communities, and women’s leadership. Projects must focus on the Native community within which it will take place. Leadership authority and decision-making activities are clearly vested in the people impacted by the project. The project should promote and enhance the language, culture, traditional institutions, values, and way of life of its constituents. It should demonstrated the capacity and intent to become self-reliant, to carry out its mission in a manner that impacts the largest number of people and broadest segments of their society, and be willing to incorporate internal training processes within its structure and planning in order to increase the number of skilled people in the community. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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