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The Foundation seeks to contribute to the awakening of higher consciousness and reconnection to ancient wisdom. The Foundationís role is to nurture a deeper understanding of the times we live in and to support groups and individuals working to address the root causes of current imbalances. Among these are the poverty of many fueled by the greed of a few and a disconnection from the wisdom of nature. The Foundation focuses its grantmaking on four areas of interest: spiritual expansion, ecological sustainability, mind/body well-being, and leadership. The Foundationís goal is to serve a catalytic role in funding seed projects and innovative ideas that may fall outside the parameters of mainstream philanthropy. The Foundation funds research, workshops, conferences, and production of documentaries and books that align with its core areas of interest. Letters of intent may be submitted on a rolling basis, however letters must be received by September 15 or March 15. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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