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National Endowment For Democracy


Democracy & Government


The Endowment believes that democracy belongs to no single nation, but rather is the birthright of every person in every nation. The Endowment supports democracy activists on six continents and in 90 countries. The Endowment focuses its grantmaking on non-governmental groups abroad working to ensure human rights, an independent media, the rule of law, and to advance other democratic goals. In the United States, the Foundation focuses its grants on four core institutes: Solidarity Center, Center for International Private Enterprise, International Republican Institute, and National Democratic Institute for International Affairs. The institutes foster the growth of political parties, electoral processes and institutions, free trade unions, and free markets and business organizations overseas. Internationally, the Endowment encourages applications from activist organizations in diverse situations, such as transitional countries where the goal is democratic consolidation; in authoritarian countries where the goals are liberalization; and the protection of human rights. Details about all of the programs can be found on the Web site.

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