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The Jubilation Foundation


Arts & Culture


The Foundation, created in March 2008, seeks to help young people feel fully alive through rhythm found in dance, music, and poetry. The Foundation strives to bring forth the joyful side of human nature to strengthen communities. Created by ethnomusicologist Charlie Keil, professor of music education Pat Campbell, and amateur musician Becky Liebman, the Foundation funds individuals as Jubilation Fellows, organizations, and special projects. Preference is given to organizations that are committed to one or more of the following: 1) ongoing skill building; 2) work with children under age 18; 3) those that involve experts working and playing with non-experts; 4) those working toward synchrony and inclusion; 5) ways of overcoming barriers related to race and class. Also on the list are: 6) building community; 7) linking diverse groups; 8) creating a ripple effect; 9) involving mentors; 10) creating foot-stomping public performances in a party-like atmosphere; and 10) engendering flat-out joy. Letters of intent accepted year-round. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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