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The Maxine Greene Foundation


Arts & Culture


Founded in 2003, the Foundation directs its primary attention to the intersections among various modes of social action and engagements with the arts. Social imagination most often finds expression in diverse art forms: film, literature, theatre, and dance. The Foundation is concerned with supporting the creation of and informed appreciation of works that embody fresh social visions, that move people to perceive alternative possibilities for the making of humane communities. Grantmaking supports schools, community centers, churches, parks, and similar organizations. The Foundation believes that in these organizations education is seen as more than schooling, rather as a process of awakening diverse persons and enabling them to develop their talents and work with one another. The goal is to help bring into existence a better and more just social order and amore meaningful way of being in the world. The Foundation also sponsors Sunday Salons and an online community of teachers, artists, and others interested in the mission can congregate. Visit the Web site to learn more.

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