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The Searle Freedom Trust


Democracy & Government


The Trust aims to foster research and encourage public policies that promote individual freedom and economic liberty, while at the same time, advancing a commitment to personal responsibility and a respect for traditional American values. One of the Foundationís chief objectives is to help develop policies that advance liberty without encouraging license, and that demand personal responsibility without compromising freedom. The Trust is primarily interested in supporting domestic policy research. It does not typically support building projects, individuals, for-profit organizations, organizations primarily dependent upon government funds, capital campaigns, or endowments. The Trust supports research and education on a wide range of U.S. domestic policy issues including tax and budget issues, cost-benefit analysis of regulatory practices and proposals, welfare policy, K-12 and higher education reform, environmental policy, and legal reform. Its goal is to develop policies that encourage the transfer of responsibility from government to the private sphere and the devolution of power from the national to the state and local level. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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