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U.s. Election Assistance Commission


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The Commissionís current grantmaking focuses on programs to develop and document processes and best practices for coordinating quality and cost effective voting system pre-election logic and accuracy testing and post-election audits. Funds will support the research, development, documentation, and dissemination of a range of procedures and processes used in managing and conducting high-quality logic and accuracy testing and post-election audit activities by type of voting method, vendor-specific equipment, jurisdiction size, or other ways. Applications may apply for grants for either logic and accuracy testing, the post-election audits portion, or both. Qualified applicants include a state or local unit of government or a nonprofit or institution of higher education that meets specific eligibility outlined in the grant announcement. Grants are administered under the Office of Management and Budget. Applicants should send an e-mail to by Jan. 17, 20111 stating their organizationís intent to apply. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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