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The Company’s Welcome Back Awards program honors individuals working to help in the fight against depression and the stigma often associated with the illness. An independent panel of national mental health experts will select honorees in five categories: Lifetime Achievement, Community Service, Destigmatization, Primary Care, and Psychiatry. Lifetime achievement grants will be awarded to an individual whose perseverance has helped him/her overcome clinical depression and resume a fulfilling life. Community service grants will honor an individual whose outstanding work has created and improved community programs that foster a supportive, caring environment for those suffering from depression. Destigmatization grants are given to an individual whose noteworthy public efforts have helped promote the understanding of depression and reduced the shame associated with the illness. Primary care grants are awarded to a healthcare professional whose unique approach to identifying particular needs in depression diagnosis and treatment serves as an example to others. Psychiatry grants are given to a psychiatrist who transcends the profession through community work, innovative clinical programs, teaching, new research, outstanding work with patients, or who makes a significant impact on the community or other medical disciplines. Winners will share a total of $55,000 to be donated to the nonprofit organizations of their choice. Each award recipient and one guest will receive complimentary airfare and accommodations to attend the awards ceremony. Lilly employees are not eligible for a Welcome Back award. Self-nominations are accepted. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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