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The Canadian Foundation promotes positive youth development through inclusive youth engagement in the arts, environment, and in the community. It recognizes that all young people need the unconditional support of significant adults in their lives and need multiple opportunities to locate an individual talent and the resources necessary to develop that talent. The Foundation invests in innovative ideas, convenes interested parties, shares its learning and advocates for change in support of young people becoming healthy, creative, and fully engaged citizens. The Foundationís core values include youth engagement, diversity, social inclusion, and civic engagement. The Foundation awards two types of grants: catalyst grants and project grants. Catalyst grants of up to $5,000 are small seed grants to develop partnerships, collaborations, and consultations; to do research; to pilot a strategy and/or to respond to a time sensitive situation. Project grants of up to $50,000 support projects where young people have identified something they want to take action on and have articulated some clear strategies for moving forward. There are no deadlines for Catalyst grants, but project grants are awarded twice a year. Contact Ana Skinner for deadline dates. Additional information including an online application can be found on the Web site.

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