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The Foundation, founded by the late Sr. John Templeton, has re-opened to new funding requests. The Foundation has designed several funding opportunities that ask researchers and other project leaders to focus their attention on a group of what they view as compelling topics. The Foundation operates under the following core funding areas: science and the big questions, character development, freedom and free enterprise, and exceptional cognitive talent and genius. For the current grantmaking year, the Foundation’s priorities for the period running August 1 to October 15, 2010 are: the Science and Significance of Complexity; What Sparks Cognitive Creativity?; From Beliefs to Behavior; Religious Leadership in an Age of Science; Thrift and Thriving; Understanding Awe and Wonder; and Can Genetically Modified Crops Feed the World?. The Foundation seeks high-potential projects that are likely to generate a significant “return on investment” defined as an enduring impact relative to the resources invested. The Foundation is interested in bold ideas that cross disciplinary boundaries to engage the “big questions” in its core funding areas. The Foundation has two grantmaking cycles each year. During both cycles, it will accept online funding inquiries related to the core funding areas and the 2010 funding priorities. Full proposals are by invitation only. Additional details about the projects can be found on the Web site. The deadline is for the last grantmaking cycle for the 2010 funding priorities.

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