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Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust


Animals & Wildlife


The Trustís grantmaking is focused on preventing cruelty to animals and promoting the humane treatment of companion animals (dogs, cats, and other species kept as household pets). Requests related to wildlife and other animals in other settings may also be considered. In Ohio, funding is earmarked for local, regional, or statewide programs that care for neglected animals, train those who care for animals, or increase public appreciation for animals. In other Great Lakes states, and occasionally other areas, the Trust will fund innovative regional or statewide programs designed to accomplish these same objectives. Programs of national scope or significant in the following areas, research on humane pet population control and animal behavior, humane education, continuing education for shelter staff and volunteers, prevention of human-animal cruelty or violence, shelter medicine, and selected other topics will be considered. The deadlines for Ohio proposals are March 1 and September 1; for national and Great Lakes proposals, the deadlines are December 1 and June 1. Applicants are asked to submit a one-page query letter. Additional information can be found on the Web site.

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