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Norcross Wildlife Foundation




The Foundation is the philanthropic entity of the late Arthur D. Norcross, the founder of the Norcross Greeting Card Company and a byproduct of the Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary. Its grantmaking focuses on preserving and protecting wild land. The Foundation provides support to local grassroots organizations throughout the United States that work to protect wild land. The Foundationís mission has five objectives. The Foundation seeks to protect, enhance, and expand wildlife habitat primarily at the Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary in the form of holdings in the surrounding towns of Monson, Wales, Holland, Brimfield, and Hardwick, Massachusetts and Stafford, Connecticut. The Foundation also seeks to protect wild land wherever it is threatened; to propagate, establish, restore, and maintain populations of threatened and endangered plants native to New England; and to provide the public with educational programs in natural and environmental science. In addition, it also supports, through grants, gifts, easements, and loans-for-land, the activities of a national and international constituency of nonprofit wildlife conservation organizations. Priority is given to organizations that have a difficult time raising the modest funds they need to do their critical work in the trenches of environmental conservation. The Foundation also provides no-interest loans to local organizations to help them acquire land they have prioritized for conservation. Additional information including a short application form is found on the Web site.

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