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The Institute’s New Voices project supports interactive news ventures in various communities. Projects must serve a defined community, foster an open exchange of journalistically sound information, develop a publicly accessible, regularly updated Web site, and show creativity in the use of new digital technologies. In addition, projects must offer users a way to share or contribute news, opinion, and other content, and participate in conversation about their targeted community. And they must be sustainable, able to deliver a steady flow of fresh, original content year-round. Funding may be used only for news and information projects, not advocacy or government projects. Projects can produce news and information for a geographic area such as a small town, city, county, state, or region or they can serve a community of interest. Eight projects will be funded in 2009; three of which will be targeted toward initiatives in the 26 communities where newspaper owners John and James Knight once owned newspapers. Additional information can be found on the Web site. Grantees may receive up to $25,000. They will receive $17,000 the first year and are eligible for $8,000 in matching funds the second year.

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