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The Foundation supports projects that contribute to a growing awareness of what unifies, rather than divides, all people. Grantmaking is targeted at the work of people committed to holistic personal, community, and planetary transformation and healing based on the recognition that we are at the core one humanity, expressing itself through myriad ways and forms. Of particular interest are projects that help to deepen understanding of what it means for humanity to live in harmony with the whole of life. Central to this question is the need to evolve local to global systems of living that are founded upon a recognition of the oneness at the core of life. This addresses what that means in terms of how we live, both individually and collectively. Funding is targeted toward three programs: Fostering a Global Consciousness of Oneness, Indigenous Cultures, and Nurturing the Inner Life. There are also some funds earmarked for special projects. Fostering grants support projects, which bring together the voices of those who are inspired to create, express, and define an emerging consciousness of oneness through many areas. Funded areas include new media, arts and culture, education, healing, the interface of science and spirituality, early childhood practices, youth networks, economics, and wisdom teachings that can bring this awareness into the fabric of everyday life. Indigenous grants support projects initiated or substantially managed from within Native communities that protect, strengthen, and encourage the flourishing of indigenous peoples, their culture, and worldview. This includes the revitalization and preservation of indigenous languages, as well as the protection of sacred traditions, ways of living, and sacred sites. Nurturing grants support projects that work with people in ways that are deeply transformational. Of particular interest are projects that allow individuals to touch or return to their essential nature. Projects that create communities characterized by healing, creativity, and authenticity, and which hold at the center an abiding respect for the oneness at the heart of life, are preferred. Letters of inquiry are requested. Additional information is available on the Web site.

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