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Nov-Dec 1988  Starting a Fundraising Program Without Any Funds Vitola, Mary & Judith Chiti 
Nov-Dec 1988  Anatomy of a Fund Drive --- 
Jan-Feb 1987  Designing Your Database for Successful Upgrading Groman, John 
Jan-Feb 1987  What to Do When the Corporation/Foundation Turns Down Your Proposal Lant, Jeffrey 
Mar-Apr 1987  The Foundation Game: Unwritten Rules Hans, Patricia 
Mar-Apr 1987  Secrets to a Successful Special Event Lant, Jeffrey 
May-Jun 1987  Increase Your Board's Fundraising Fletcher, Kathleen Brown 
May-Jun 1987  The Power of the Unexpected: Raising Money with Special Appeals Murdock, Richard 
May-Jun 1987  Emergency Loan Fund Keeps Cash on Hand --- 
Jul-Aug 1987  Cause-Related Marketing: The New Face of Corporate Philanthropy Caesar, Patricia 

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